When I call the Eagles my husband says I’m the best photographer in the world

I love to shoot the Eagles, but my husband calls me “the best.”

I’ve never been able to explain why.

But it’s been fun for me to try to get him to understand.

He doesn’t understand what I’m saying, but he’s fascinated by the pictures.

It’s the best of both worlds.

He wants to know where the picture came from, where the subject lives, and where he was in his life.

Myself, I try to explain everything.

I’m not an expert in that stuff.

I just know how to take a picture, and it’s fun for him to get that out of me.

I also try to give him a sense of why the picture was taken, why he likes it.

He’s just curious about what the photographer did.

It can be very emotional for me.

For me, it’s just fun for us.

When I’m shooting pictures, it takes me to places I didn’t think I’d ever go.

I get so many messages from people all over the world.

Some are asking me if I was the best person they’d ever met.

And I always say no, because I’m very private and my life is a private one.

I’d never say that I was an “informal” photographer, because they’re all looking for the perfect picture of me, but that’s what I am.

I take a lot of pictures of people and they’re always smiling and smiling and happy.

And it’s hard to explain to people, but when they say that they’re really impressed.

So, yes, I get a lot more messages from men than I ever did.

And sometimes the photos they’re asking me about are from my children, or from people who know me.

And people always say they love me.

But I always tell them I’m a photographer and I take pictures because I love them.

When they say I love the pictures, I can’t really explain it.

It just comes out when I’m on the street.

It doesn’t bother me.

If people are giving me so much love, it means I love this world.

It really means something to me.

What do you think?

I can tell you what my husband loves about me.

He loves how I take photos.

I’ve had a lot better luck when I shoot the team.

I can make them look so beautiful, but I can also get the players and coaches to smile.

He thinks it’s so cool.

And he knows I’m going to do everything in my power to make him happy.


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