What we know about the ‘Glee’ cast and crew that survived the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ purge

By MATT SHELTON and CHRIS JOHNSONPublished August 08, 2018 11:59:03It was a time of upheaval in the “Orange Is The New Black” universe when “Orange is the New Blood” star Ashley Benson went from being a recurring character in Season 5 to a background character on season 6.

But the show’s executive producer and showrunner, Michelle Rodriguez, said in an interview with Vulture in February that the decision to remove Benson from the show was not related to her sexuality.

“I don’t think Ashley was a sexual character.

I think she was a character that people would relate to and that we’d want to have,” she said.”

And in that regard, I think people felt like Ashley was something that they could relate to, because she’s a girl.

And that’s the best way to say it.

She’s a real girl.”

Rodriguez also said she didn’t feel the need to hide anything from viewers, saying, “I think we wanted people to know we have real lives and we don’t want to be so rigid about that.”

She added that she had spoken to producers about changing the storyline, and the showrunners had not been too keen to change the way that Ashley was written or portrayed.

In an interview on the Bravo series “Girls of The City,” actress Lili Reinhart, who plays Ashley Benson, spoke about her character’s relationship with her father, Dr. Lillian Reis, and their growing tension as a result.

“There was a lot of tension between Ashley and her father,” she explained.

“He would have him stay in the house and I would get into trouble and stuff like that.

I don’t know if that was because he was the president of the family, but he was trying to control everything that he saw.

I was always trying to get him to leave, but I was never successful.”

Rodriquez said that she was “not even aware” that Ashley had been in Season 6 until she read the “Glee” writers’ room notes that were leaked to the press in April.

“It was one of those things that I read and I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s true!

It’s real,'” she said, “and then I read the notes.

I just started to cry.

And I thought, I don’ think I have to be a little bit angry about it, but it was really hard to watch, and it was hard to know what was going on.”

Rodrett said that, after the season 5 episode, she “went through a lot” of turmoil, with her mother and her family becoming increasingly estranged and “living in the woods” in Los Angeles.

“In that season, she was in the hospital, she’s got a lot on her mind,” she recalled.

“I was like she had a lot to do with what was happening.

It was hard for me to watch.

And then in the episode, I had to watch a lot because I was in so much turmoil.

I didn’t know where to go.

I wasn’t sure what to do.

So I went into a depression and started crying all the time.

And the only thing that I thought would help me was to try to read ‘Gail’s’ notes.”

Rodrizuez explained that, even though she was grieving, she felt “strong” about the decision.

“The more I cried, the more I thought about what I was going through and how I was feeling,” she told Vulture.

“But it’s important to understand that I cried because I knew that I was a woman.

And to me, that’s all I wanted to do as a woman is to feel strong and to feel like I have a place to go and I don, so it was a way to show that.”

And so I just felt like I was not doing enough. “

And I thought if I had stayed and done my work, I would have stayed.

And so I just felt like I was not doing enough.

So that was something I was struggling with.”

Rodrickson said that her experience was similar to many of the women who have come forward with stories of sexual assault and harassment on the “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Girls” shows.

“Women on ‘Boys and Girls’ have come out with stories about rape and sexual assault on ‘Orange is The New Blood,'” she told “Vulture.”

“And women who are in the ‘Girls’ world have come to the conclusion that it’s OK for them to do that, because they feel comfortable enough to do it,” she continued.

“That’s what happened to me.”

Rodrieson said the fact that the episode of “Orangeis the New Blue” she starred in was not a flashback of the same time period she had written in was also troubling.

“What happened to


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