The World Cup and the Socceroos team of 2018

This year’s World Cup was a big one for both the players and the team, and the players are happy with the result.

In 2018, the Socceros won the Copa America Centenario, which was their first triumph since the 2008 Olympics, but that did not mean they would have won the trophy.

The team’s first game in the Copacabana was against Paraguay in March.

The tournament had a lot of ups and downs, as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile had their respective World Cups.

But this year’s Copa was the most competitive tournament, with Argentina winning the Copas del Rey and Brazil the Copaicas do Brasil.

But despite all that success, the players felt it was not enough.

“It was a bit of a disappointment for me,” said winger Angel Correa.

“I think we all felt we needed to do better.

We had a good tournament but we had some big issues and a lot to learn.”

Correa and midfielder Marcelo de Lima both said the team had made some changes during the tournament, but they would not say how much.

“They are doing a lot.

It was a great tournament for us.

We could see that our team was growing and we are looking forward to a great game against Germany,” said de Lima.”

We have a good squad.

The Brazilian side showed good qualities and we have to keep that.

We have to play with a bit more confidence.”

Correias team had an impressive performance, winning the match 3-1.

“When the game started, we played well.

It is difficult to beat a team that plays so well, but we were very positive,” he said.”

Then we lost the ball but we got the win.

We know how to win games.”

The team lost two players to injury and only had one substitute.

“There were a few players who were injured, so we will have to do it again tomorrow,” said captain Paulo Ferreira.

The squad will travel to Germany on Thursday.


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