Why is the word ‘Photographer’ still used by foreigners?

A recent report from the BBC suggests that the word “photographer” is still being used in some parts of the world by foreigners, despite the fact that it is technically a German word.

The BBC reports that some of the most popular examples of the word used by expats are used by people who are not native speakers of German or who speak little or no German.

According to the BBC, a survey found that of 1,200 people who said they were “very familiar” with the word, only 22% knew it by heart, and only 9% knew that it was an American word.

However, the BBC adds that this is because the word has “a long history of use” in Germany, with “photography” being used by German and American soldiers at the end of World War I and the beginning of the Second World War.

However the word is often used by Americans, with the BBC reporting that one study found that American tourists to Berlin had been using the word to describe themselves for over a decade.

The word has been used by a number of people who have come to the UK, but the BBC says that the use of the term has grown rapidly in recent years.

For example, a recent study found more than half of British people had used the word on at least one occasion.

According the BBC , people are now using the term “photographers” as a title for a range of websites, including some that use the word in the title of their own blog.

The use of “photographic” by expatriates has also been noticed in other parts of Europe.

According a survey by the University of Bristol, 60% of British expats use the term to describe their relationship with the UK.

The survey also found that 35% of expats have used the term in a blog post, with 37% having used it in a social media post.

“Many British expatriate workers use this term to express the sense of ownership of the UK in the minds of their clients and the UK community as a whole,” the study states.


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