When you need to know how to spot a bride’s best suit

By Jack Smith – 8.16.2016I know it’s not often that I find myself in the position of choosing between two of the most important aspects of the wedding day: suit and hairstyles.

However, if I’m looking for a wedding photographer for my favourite venue, I need to be confident about choosing one with the knowledge that they are aware of the many different styles and styles of weddings. 

The best wedding photographers are the ones that understand the intricacies of each wedding, know their audience and know how they will work with the photographer’s skills.

The more they understand these things, the more confident they will be in choosing the photographer for their event. 

There are several reasons why wedding photographers must be confident.

First, they must be aware of what’s best for the photographer.

It’s easy to be naive and think that everyone can be as happy as you with a simple wedding, but that’s not always true. 

For example, you may find that your photographer has worked with a groom or other guests who are often unhappy with their outfits, or they have a problem with the way they look in their wedding outfits.

A bride or groom may not agree with the dress they are wearing or the way their hair is styled. 

Another issue is choosing a bride or bridesmaid.

While a bride may be happy with her hair and makeup, there are times when a bride and groom might be less happy with the hairstyle they are going to wear. 

Having a wedding director or photographer on hand is another good thing, as these people are often the ones who will be the first to spot the suit and the hairstyles that are appropriate for your event.

Having an event manager is also a good option if you are a couple with no experience with organising a wedding.

A wedding director will be able to work with you to decide how the wedding will look, what the wedding party will wear and what the party’s style should be. 

Finally, having an event photographer is a good idea if you have an event planned with limited space, or if you want to be able get in touch with a local photographer for a smaller wedding. 

In the case of a small wedding, having a wedding manager can help with the planning of the event, with help from a professional photographer who is also responsible for the event’s look.

This may mean that you can have your own wedding director for your own special day, and that the wedding photographer will be more aware of your expectations and expectations of the venue. 

I’ve chosen the following photographers to highlight the different styles of wedding photography, as well as the things to look for in a wedding venue.

Wedding Photographer – Ricky Powell, The Wedding Photographer (Getty Images)This is one of my favourite photographers to look out for, because of his ability to capture the essence of every single moment of a wedding day.

Ricky is a master of capturing every detail of every aspect of the bride and the groom’s day, from the dress and accessories, to the wedding reception, to their hair. 

If you have the budget to go for a groom, this will be a good photographer for you.

The Wedding photographer for the Royal Wedding (Getty)This photographer captures the essence and beauty of a bride.

The Wedding Photographer for the Special Wedding (Reuters)This one of the few wedding photographers I could really recommend is a wonderful example of what a wedding looks like. 

Ricky Powell photographs the bride in her perfect dress, wedding accessories and accessories of her accessories, and her perfect hair, all at the perfect time. 

He has captured the essence, colour and shape of the ceremony perfectly. 

Weddy Photographer – Ashley Westmoreland, Love & Beauty: A Photographer’s Journey This photographer has a passion for weddings and his passion for the wedding industry is clear in his photography.

He takes photos of the best looking couples, the best and most beautiful wedding photographers around the world. 

Ashley Westmorelay  is a wedding and reception photographer based in England. 

Her photographs are beautiful and her photography has been featured in The Sun, Time Out, The Sun on Sunday, The Telegraph, the Mirror, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph Online. 

 She also writes for The Sun and Time Out, as a Wedding Photographer and Wedding Portrait Magazine. 

What’s your favourite wedding photographer?

Let me know in the comments section below! 

Photo credit: Getty Images


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