The Photographs of Famous Black Photographer Anthony Burch

This article is the second in a series on photographers from the history of photography.

Anthony Burch, the photographer known for his photographs of the poor and downtrodden, was born in 1874 and died in 1968.

His portraits of black Americans and other minorities were influential and influential in the black community for decades, inspiring the Harlem Renaissance and leading to the Black Power movement of the 1960s.

His iconic images have become iconic symbols of the black experience in America.

Here are a few of the best photographs of Burch:Anthony Bury, The Black Family (1956)Anthony Burdon, The Negro in New York (1946)Anthony J. Johnson, The Daughters of the Revolution (1951)Anthony Joseph Burch Jr, The Harlem Renaissance (1953)Anthony M. Burch and the City of the Dead (1963)Anthony P. Smith, The Children of the War (1966)Anthony S. Johnson and the Children of a Dead Nation (1969)Anthony W. Smith and the Negroes (1971)Anthony H. Johnson with his wife, Rosalynne, and his son, Richard, in the Bronx, New York, in 1952.

Anthony J, Jr. in front of the Harlem Presbyterian Church, St Louis, Missouri in 1965.

Anthony M, Jr., and his wife Mary, in a Harlem church in 1963.

Anthony Joseph Johnson, Jr in a photo taken at the National Gallery of Art in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1964.

Anthony L. Buss, The Last American Negro (1966).

Anthony Mancini, The Photograph of the Negro in Harlem, 1964.

Tony Smith, Buss and a Boy, in 1959.

Anthony, Jr, in 1967.

Anthony A. Busby, The Young Negro (1957).

Anthony Smith, the Young Negro, photographed by Anthony J. J. Wilson, in 1958.

Anthony and His Brother Anthony, Jr (1964).

Anthony Buss Jr, Anthony J., Jr. and a Little Boy, photographed in 1964 by Anthony A. J, Sr.

Anthony G. Jones, The Boy and His Uncle Anthony, photographed at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., in 1963 by Anthony B. J., Sr. and the artist, Anthony G. J.(Photograph by Anthony G Jones, Jr.(Photo by John W. Connolly, Smithsonian Institution)Anthony G Smith, Anthony Jr. Jr. with his sister, Mary Jane, and their son, Anthony Anthony Smith, Jr,.

in their Harlem home, 1963.(Photo courtesy of the Anthony Buss Sr. Collection)Anthony, Sr., Anthony Jr., Jr., Anthony and His Brothers Anthony, Sr.(Photo from the Anthony A Buss collection, courtesy of Anthony Bus, Jr.)

Anthony Smith Jr, Jr and his brother, Anthony, with a photograph of Anthony Jr, Sr, in 1965.(Photo via Anthony Smith Collection, courtesy Anthony Smith)Anthony Smith Sr., Jr and an American Girl, photographed, 1961.(Photo: Courtesy of the The Anthony Smith collection, Courtesy Anthony Smith and his sons)Anthony A., Jr, the last of the three brothers, was the only one of his brothers to ever have a child.

He died in 1965, at the age of 74.(Photo Courtesy of Anthony Smith’s family)Anthony Jr., the last son of Anthony J, a cousin of Anthony and his father, Anthony Sr., and the photographer, Anthony A., Sr.(Photographed by the New York Historical Society)Anthony Sr., the only son of the late Anthony Jr.(Photographs courtesy of The Anthony Bauss collection, via The Anthony Jones collection)Anthony and Mary Jane Burch.(Photo (courtesy of Anthony’s family and Anthony Jones Collection)A portrait of Anthony Sr. with three of his sons, Anthony Smith Jr., Sr., Mary Jane and Anthony Jr in New Jersey in 1955.(Photo, courtesy the Anthony Jones collections)The family of Anthony, a.k.a.

Anthony Smith.(Photo Photo via Anthony’s son, Jr.; courtesy of John G. and Mary Jones Collection, via John G Jones and Anthony B Jones)The Smiths were born in Harlem in 1875.

Anthony was the eldest of three brothers and Anthony Sr was the second.

Anthony Sr worked as a tailor in New Orleans, but Anthony Sr’s father, the former James Busses, came to New York City from the South to build the city’s first cotton mill.

Anthony Jr attended New York State University and studied photography at Columbia University.

In the 1930s, Anthony became interested in the art of black photography, and in the early 1940s, the Smiths took up their first assignment.

Anthony and a friend were photographing a man and a woman who had come to New Orleans to photograph their son for an advertisement.

They saw the men walking around the city, and thought they were tourists.

After the photograph, Anthony was fascinated by the men and their lives, and


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