When a local photographer took the photo of a homeless man in Indiana

By Tim Murphy-Wong, AP The photo has become one of the most viral in American history.

A group of volunteers photographed the homeless man on the corner of South Broadway and W. Washington streets, about half a mile away from a homeless shelter.

A photojournalist, John Boulware, captured the photo in September, 2016.

It was taken during a two-hour operation in which volunteers posed as homeless people for several minutes and then photographed them in front of their tent.

Boulware posted the photo on Facebook and the photo quickly spread through social media, garnering more than 500,000 views and more than 1 million likes.

A local photographer, John Darnell, took the photos of the homeless on his own and posted them on his blog.

Boudreaux County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jason Hildreth said that Boulwares story has been a topic of conversation for several weeks.

“He was very open about it, very open, very honest, and that’s really been an issue for our sheriff,” Hildreed said.

He said the sheriff has been in touch with Boulws family and asked him to let them know that they were loved and supported by the community.

Boucher said he is still in touch and hopes the story spreads, but he has not been able to share it on social media due to the amount of time it took to get the story across.

“It was a very personal, very personal thing for my family and it’s just heartbreaking, especially because I know my kids, and I know them, and they really love me and I want them to have the same opportunities as everyone else, and it just doesn’t seem right to me,” Boucher said.

Bourgourde said he has asked the sheriff’s office to let him know about Bouls’ photo.

“I just want the community to know that I love them and I’m not going to hide from them, but I know they want to see this,” he said.


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