A proposal photographer takes her dream wedding photographer job to Tampa

A proposal photojournalist took her dream job as a wedding photographer to Tampa, Fla., after a monthlong stay in the city.

Sara Mccabe, who had just moved to Tampa from Toronto in January, has been working as a photographer with a company called Wedding Photography since the beginning of February.

“It was a dream come true,” Mccabes mother, Jennifer, told The Irish Globe.

“We were planning a wedding and I was going to Canada, and then I just felt like, ‘Why not go out there and do it and make some money?’

And I just thought, ‘It could be something I would never have dreamed of.'”

Mccabe had never worked in a traditional wedding venue before, but she quickly learned the ropes of the wedding photography business.

“I think my experience has been pretty amazing,” she said.

“I love photography.

I love working with people and I love making people smile and I think that’s what I’m really good at.”

For Mccaba, she’s not just photographing weddings.

She also makes her mark on weddings by documenting the day-to-day details of the ceremony.

“You know when I take pictures?

I want to see everything, but I also want to know what happens before the wedding,” she told The Globe.

“When you’re doing a wedding, you’re usually doing it with two people.

It’s not a group of people, so I like to see all the little things that go on.”

The bride-to and groom-to of her wedding, who will be the bride’s sister-in-law, are planning to travel to Tampa next month for the ceremony, which is being held at the Tampa Bay Marriott hotel.

Mccaba has also spent time at a local hotel for weddings before.

“That’s definitely what I love about being in the industry.

You get to see the whole experience of a wedding,” Mcabe said.

She hopes to stay in Tampa until the wedding, and is still working toward finishing her final photography portfolio.

“If you love photography, if you love weddings, you’ll be happy I’m here,” Mcca said.

“But I want a little bit of time to enjoy it with the people I love.”

For more information on wedding photography in Tampa, check out our wedding photography coverage on The Irish, The Irish News, The Sun and The Tampa Bay Times.


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