When is a photograph of you OK to use as a wedding photo?

It’s time to be a little more thoughtful about the pictures you post on social media.

“It’s not OK to have a picture of you in a wedding dress,” said David Koeppel, a senior lecturer at the University of Michigan.

He added, “I wouldn’t think of it as an inappropriate photo, just something that I would not want to be photographed with.”

A wedding photographer who doesn’t understand the issue might say they’re just taking photos of their own wedding.

It’s not a wedding, so you can use any photo you want, but they may not be legally allowed to use the photo for a commercial purpose, said David J. DeAngelis, a wedding photographer in Los Angeles.

A couple who has never held a wedding reception can’t even get a license to use a picture for the reception without the bride’s consent, he said.

But if the bride isn’t happy with the photo, they can still share it with their friends, he added.

You can’t just share a picture and expect people to like it, DeAngeles said.

The best way to avoid having a wedding that looks too good is to be clear about the rules, said Scott Trowbridge, founder of the wedding website MyDressForMe.com.

He also encourages people to avoid sharing pictures of themselves and their wedding with others.

“If you’re sharing your wedding with friends, or if you’re posting pictures of your guests, it’s best to ask permission first,” he said, adding that the best way is to take the photos as they’re being taken.

“Then, when you’re ready, go back and share it as you normally would.”

A few days after the wedding, if there are any questions about the photographer’s use of the image, the photographer should be more specific, said Trowbridges wedding photographer, Lisa J. Laughlin.

“I want to make sure it looks like I’m being very clear and saying, ‘Hey, I’m using this photo, and it’s not okay to use it for anything other than the wedding,'” she said.

You should also make sure the photographer has permission to use their image, and that it is legal to use for commercial purposes, she said, noting that it’s okay to share a wedding picture with people without the photographer or photographer’s permission.

“You don’t have to get a wedding license to show the picture,” Laughlin said.

A wedding photograph can still be shared if you’ve made a mistake, like not being able to keep your wedding dress, but you should always be aware of that, said Laughlin, who added that she’d never let anyone know about a mistake that happened because it’s the best protection of your wedding photos.

“There are so many people who do not take the time to learn the etiquette of weddings, and when that happens, it can be very hurtful for everyone,” she said


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