Bill baptist: My mother’s photo is ‘so good’

My mother, who lives in a tiny, ramshackle house in San Diego, has been photographing for more than a decade.

“I like to take things with a camera and a sense of humor,” she says.

“You get a lot of fun out of it.”

In fact, her photo “is so good that it’s actually kind of a joke, that I’m taking pictures of it every day, even though it’s not real life,” she tells The Washington Post.

“My mom and I have a lot in common.

We both love nature and are really into photography.”

Her photos capture the tranquility and quiet beauty of San Diego’s urban environment.

The only time she’s seen her mother’s face was when she was in college, during the early years of her career.

“She had a lot going on with her life at the time,” she explains.

“It was a very exciting time in my life.

And it was something that was really going on at the same time.”

After a brief stint in the military, she returned to her home town of Santa Ana, California, where she lives with her family.

But she has continued to photograph for her mother for decades.

“As an adult, I would have loved to take more pictures,” she admits.

“But I always knew I had to have a home.”

As a result, she now spends her days shooting in a variety of locations, from parks and beaches to urban parks and public buildings.

Her photos are a tribute to her mother, whose life and work have inspired her to continue documenting.

“The way she is, she is a very beautiful woman and a great mom,” says her mother.

“So, when I look at her pictures, I can’t help but think of her.”

But what she’s most proud of is her photographs of her own family members.

“Every day, I’m reminded of my mother’s photographs,” she adds.

“They capture everything in my mind, and that’s what I want people to see in them.”


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