How weddings are taking off in Okc – photographer in the Okc wedding industry

Okc Wedding Photographer is a feature film by filmmaker, Kelly Bickham.

The film follows photographer and photographer friend Ryan Hines, as he takes his wedding photography to the next level.

It follows Ryan through his journey to becoming a professional wedding photographer.

Ryan Hines was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and has lived in Oklahoma since graduating from high school.

He has worked for local, national and international clients across the globe.

Ryan has been in the wedding photography industry for almost eight years and is an award-winning photographer and professional videographer.

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Wedding Photographer Oklahoma.

A photojournalist’s dream Ryan’s passion for photography and the joy of taking pictures has given him an outlet for sharing his experiences and stories with the world.

Ryan loves working with people from all walks of life, and has worked with couples from across the country and around the world to develop and promote their wedding photography.

The film was shot at the beautiful downtown Okc.

venue The Kettle House in downtown Okcthc, where Ryan has worked and where Ryan’s wife Kelly is the owner of The Kettles.

For more information about Ryan Hine, visit:

Ryan’s wedding photography is featured on the HBO documentary series, The Wedding Photographer: Okc, Oklahoma. 

Ryan and Kelly will be appearing on the season 3 premiere of  The Wedding Photography premiering May 16 on HBO.

The show will be available in HD and on HBO GO.


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