How to spot the oldest known photographs

The oldest known photos are likely to be in a collection of photographs of a woman in her early twenties, scientists have found. 

Researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia used computer modelling to estimate that the photo in question was taken in the early 20th century. 

The images were taken by British photographer James Watson, who died in 1903. 

Watson’s daughter, Alice, is the owner of the images. 

“We have been analysing some of the photos and found that they show a woman of about twenty-five years of age who is very similar to the picture of Alice Watson,” Dr Andrew Smith, one of the researchers, told ABC News. 

According to the researchers the photo was taken between 1901 and 1910. 

James Watson’s daughter Alice Watson, pictured here, is said to have been the photographer’s wife and it is thought that she was his daughter. 

He is also said to be the first person to recognise the image in question.

The researchers say Watson had an extremely close relationship with his daughter Alice. 

They also believe that Watson’s photos show the earliest known images of people from Australia.

“James Watson was the first British photographer to recognise a photographic image as being a picture of an Aboriginal person. 

A number of early Australian Aboriginal people had been photographed by Watson in the 1840s,” Dr Smith said.”

He knew about Aboriginal culture and his work is a testimony to the persistence of these people.”

The researchers believe Watson was photographing Aboriginal people in the remote Aboriginal Territory of Arnhem Land when he snapped the photo.

“James was very conscious of the cultural significance of Aboriginal people and they are still important to him today,” Dr Simeon said.

ABC News’ Nick Ross reports from Perth.


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