When your passport is stolen, you need to report it to police

Photo: Getty Images/FlickrThe latest edition of the official travel insurance guide, issued by the Office of Insurance and Banking in India, lists the passport of the most commonly stolen travel documents, and states that there is no way of verifying whether the passport has been lost or stolen.

In its latest edition, published on Monday, the office of the Insurance Department of India (ODI) states that it has received an average of 6,000 requests per month for the return of stolen travel insurance documents, or “stolen passports” for those travelling in India.

The document is issued by insurance company Indian Overseas Travel Insurance Ltd.

The ODI says the number of stolen passports has increased since the launch of the national travel insurance scheme in October 2014.

According to the NDTV report, the latest edition lists 7,958 stolen passports and 1,837 counterfeit ones.

It states that if a stolen passport is not returned, it is referred to the Insurance department of the state for investigation.

According to the ODI, the number and type of stolen documents vary widely.

In some cases, the documents are fake, with a fake passport being used as an identity document, and in other cases, there is a counterfeit passport.

“The passport is issued to cover a person’s travel expenses including travel expenses for a foreign country.

If a person loses his/her passport, he/she is entitled to claim for damages as prescribed by law.

A court will be notified of the decision on the claim,” the ODIs guidelines state.

The NDTV news channel reported that the NDIC has recently received reports of fake passports being used for fraud, which it has asked the state government to investigate.

The NDIC also reported that a number of fake documents were recovered after the September 2016 Mumbai terror attack.

In response to a query about whether the government has issued any guidelines for the use of counterfeit passports, the NDIPO said the issue of fake insurance is not a national issue.

The guidelines suggest that an insurance company should verify the authenticity of the documents before issuing a cover.

“The documents must be valid and valid for the period of validity, the name of the insured and his/ her surname.

The number and date of birth of the person should be recorded on the document,” the NDIPSO said.

According the NDIVI guidelines, an insurance claim cannot be filed unless the insured has his/ she passport back.

“A claim cannot not be filed after the expiration of the cover period.

The cover period is the period for which the insurance company is liable for payment of the premium,” the guidelines said.

A spokesman for the NDISO said they are aware of the issue, and have instructed the insurance department to send the documents to the office for verification.

“We will send the records to the insurer, if required,” the spokesman said.

The latest report also lists the number, type and age of the stolen passports.

In addition, it states that counterfeit passports are issued to foreign nationals, but the ODIC guidelines state that it is illegal to buy or sell counterfeit passports.

“Foreign nationals are allowed to buy and sell the counterfeit passports as per the provisions of Indian legislation,” the guide states.


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