Tyler Mitchell is a Photographer Who Will Do Anything for an Idea

Tyler Mitchell was one of the first photographers I encountered when I started out.

Tyler was a good photographer, but the real story is about how he came to be one.

While in college at Rutgers University, Tyler became friends with the amazing photographer and photographer friends, Willy and Jason.

After he graduated, Tyler moved to New York City and started a gallery in the area.

When I met him, Tyler was a very nice man.

I asked him to be my photographer and he was very generous.

I think Tyler knew what he wanted to do with his life and I was excited to be part of his project.

Tyler and I went to many different locations to shoot the same thing.

One of his projects I have on the back of my wall is a photo album titled, The Road Home.

The album features a bunch of people who have left New York to travel to places like Hawaii, Thailand, and Australia.

On the back cover is a shot of Tyler standing on the roof of a truck with the caption, “I was driving home from work and I saw a truck.

It had an orange bumper on it.

 I asked if I could take a photo of it.

Tyler said, “Sure.”

It’s one of those rare stories where you get the chance to meet someone you love and then they do something incredible with your life and they become a part of your family.

His stories are a true testament to how we are connected.

A photo album of his work was featured in an issue of Vogue magazine in 2018 and was voted the “10 Best Photography Stories of the Year” by The Atlantic Magazine.

Tyler’s life story is a fascinating one and I know that I will be able to share his work with the world soon.

To learn more about Tyler Mitchell, check out the links below:Tyler Mitchell’s Website Tyler Mitchell’s Instagram


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